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About Us

Our Business is Growing Your Business

Who We Are & What We Do

In 2006, the Government of British Columbia enacted legislation launching the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust with a $50 million one-time allocation paid into a Regional Account.  The Trust has the full powers of an individual and is not an agent of the government.


What we do depends entirely on what you need.  You see, this is a different kind of advisory service.  There is no template for what we do, there are no manuals or reports, no tests or seminars to sit in on. This is about getting you where you want to go, helping you achieve your business goals.  We do that by partnering you with an executive advisor to help you really dig deep, identify the gaps and build the solutions.  


Truly understanding the strategic opportunities for your business is crucial.

BAS advisors can play a critical role in assisting you to cultivate key partnerships and identify new and profitable markets.


Exceptional workplace culture doesn’t happen by accident.

BAS advisors can help you evolve your organization into an environment where people truly want to work with strong strategies around employee engagement, recruitment, retention, recognition and cultural development.


A truly connected sales and marketing strategy is at the heart of all entrepreneurial success.

Our advisors can help you build and communicate a plan that will result in a healthy and sustainable pipeline.


This is a subject our advisors are truly passionate about.

Taking things to the next level; sustainably requires careful planning and preparation. Take the guess work out of the equation, our advisors have first-hand experience at navigating successful growth.


Are you operating in the most cost efficient manner possible?

Sometimes small changes can have huge implications for your bottom line. BAS advisors are skilled at identifying innovative ways to make your organization as efficient as possible.


Planning for your ultimate exit should be on every entrepreneurs mind...

...it is a key question that should be asked very early on. Our advisors can work with you to ensure your business is poised for the best possible outcome.


Numbers can be intimidating but at the end of the day this is what it all comes down to.

From projections to audits and everything in between our financial advisors can help you make sense of the numbers.


Great companies start with great people.

Great teams start at the top. If you have leaders that you want to develop to the next level, or teams that need to work more collaboratively, BAS advisors can make a world of difference.

Our Advisors

We only work with the very best. Our advisor team is made up of an elite cross section of high performing executive super stars who have a wealth of success and experience to call upon. They have all run their own businesses, so they have a unique understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Most importantly, they are all deeply passionate about helping business owners succeed.

Alison Yesilcimen
Scalability & Leadership
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paul new
Paul Walker
Business Development
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shawnee new
Shawnee Love
Human Resources
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ted new
Ted Ritchie
Technology & Finance
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andre new
Andre Blanleil
Retail & Development
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david new
David Takahashi
Human Resources
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jp new
JP Kaumayer
Finance & Efficiency
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Colin O’Leary
Strategic Management
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A Solution That Really Works

This isn’t a program at all, it’s a solution and it works.  It works because it’s customized to you.  Each client we work with is unique and every advisor relationship is one of a kind.  Our job is to help you figure out what’s standing between you and your ultimate vision for your company and help you put the steps in place to achieve that goal.

Here’s the thing, being an entrepreneur is stressful and it can be really really lonely.  We get that, our advisors have been exactly where you are, they have navigated the path you are on and they can help.