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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT)?


The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT) was created by an Act of the BC Legislature Bill 8-2005, which came into force by regulation February 27, 2006.  SIDIT received a one-time allocation of $50 million designated for strategic investments in sustainable economic development initiatives throughout the Southern Interior.  The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust Act mandates investment in ten areas of the economy.  There areas include; Energy, Forestry, Mining, Olympic Opportunities, Agriculture, Transportation,. Small Business, Tourism, Pine Beetle Recovery, and Economic Development.  SIDIT has no specific targets for any of these areas and approves projects and investments based on their impact, sustainability and individual merit.

What type of business is this service intended for?

SIDIT’s Business Advisory Service was developed with small to midsized businesses in mind.  We are ideally looking to work with clients from almost any industry who are in a growth phase of their business.

Who would benefit the most from working with an advisor?


Our advisors can bring extraordinary value to any leader or business owner who is ready to grow, learn and challenge themselves.  If you are ready to really Get Growing this is for you.

How does it work?

Great question!  It starts by you making the first step.  Get in touch, call us or email us.  Program Manager, Ginny Becker, will connect with you to learn a bit about what you want to achieve and will make an advisor recommendation.  Then you meet the advisor!  If you hit it off and decide to come aboard this is when the fun really starts.  The whole program is completely custom so your journey in BAS will be entirely unique.

How much does it cost?

The whole point of this service is to provide companies in early growth with the highest quality of executive assistance at an affordable price.  Our rates are well below industry value but what you get out of it is truly practical solutions to grow your business.  The price depends on how long you engage for and how much time you want to spend working with the advisor.  Call us and we can outline the specifics!

Who are your advisors?

We only work with the best. Our Advisors are carefully chosen based on their executive/business experience, ability to coach and desire to give back.  Our standards are exceptionally high when it comes to our team and we think you will agree that they are awesome!

How long is the program?

Well that’s just it, it’s not really a program at all in that there is no schedule or template. This is a completely one-on-one hands on engagement.  You and the advisor identify the challenges, work through the solutions and implement change as a team.  There is no start date or end point.  Everything is up to you, you decide how long you need us!

I want to grow my business, but I am not sure what the first step is?

Perfect.  Our Advisors work hard with each client to dig deep and pull back the layers to really get to the root of what your business needs to achieve sustainable growth.  All you need to know is that you are ready to invest in your own success.

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