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Who’s Flying Your Helicopter?

Who’s Flying Your Helicopter?

Who’s Flying Your Helicopter?

Large companies have large payrolls.  They have ample opportunity to create very specialized roles and find the perfect people to fill them.  Once in a role these specialists do what they do very well.  Sure there is some divisional cross over and purposeful collaboration when it’s required but still…generally speaking, there are silos; people, teams, whole divisions that do what they do independent of what is occurring down the hall or on the next floor.

Small business doesn’t work like that and small business owners don’t get to be specialists.  In small business you need to be able to step outside the silos and learn to manage the giant domino effect that defines small business.  You don’t get to make a strategic shift in business development without critically understanding how that change will impact production, operations even human resources.  It’s the whole hip bone is connected to the leg bone analogy, everything is connected. And understanding those connections is key.

But learning to see the forest for the trees isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Ultimately, it requires you to climb into your metaphorical helicopter once a day to see the big picture and take a holistic approach to every decision you make.  It’s a skill, and it doesn’t always come naturally.  That’s where advisors come in.

Aligning yourself with someone who can bring trusted objectivity to the table is everything.  Think of a qualified advisor as the pilot for that metaphorical helicopter we talked about.  Their job is to get you in the air and point out the subtle things you might be missing, to help you gain fresh perspective and see the connections.

Ginny Becker

Program Manager

Business Advisory Service – SIDIT